• Sara Chapple

Are We Done Yet?

How awesome is a new beginning? A fresh start? I love me a good, fresh start. I love it so much it can be easy for me to throw away right now and just look to that new beginning, the fresh start.

When I don't have the healthiest breakfast but I have a fresh start tomorrow morning so I might as well throw away the rest of today and eat all the food and start again tomorrow. ;) Sound familiar?

It's Thursday and I haven't worked out yet this week. It's almost the weekend and then Monday will be here. A nice new beginning on Monday. That's what I need. So I'll just throw away the next three days and start fresh on Monday.

I haven't been productive yet today and today is almost over so I might as well just get to netflixin and I'll start fresh tomorrow.

How about this one:

2020 has sucked so far. There's only 45 days left in this year so I might as well coast the next few weeks and I'll start fresh on January 1.

First of all, I don't happen to think 2020 has sucked at all. It has presented some unique and very difficult challenges to be sure, but I have seen God do amazing things over the last 10 months.

Just last week I saw Him save a marriage that was, for all intents and purposes, done for.

The truth is, regardless of what year it is, once the calendar turns to November it can be very tempting to start looking towards the freshest of fresh starts coming when that ball drops and the clock rolls from 11:59 to 12:00.

But here is some additional truth:

* there are 45 days left in 2020

* 1,080 hours left

* 64,800 minutes

Are we really not going to make any of those 64,800 minutes count?

The best thing to do to get back at 2020 for all the crap is make the absolute most of these last minutes, hours and days! Make them all count.

Here is the sobering truth - nothing about the world we live in or the lives we are living is going to look different from 11:59 pm December 31, 2020 to 12:00 am January 1, 2021.

Sorry. It just won't.

BUT! Our lives can look a lot different from November 17 to January 1, IF we make the most of the time in between!

What dream did you have for this year that got lost along the way?

What has God called you to do but you haven't taken a step towards yet?

Who are you going to be around the next few weeks that could use some of God's love?

Let's go for it!

Come on, at this point, what could we possibly have to lose?

God is not done with this year. He is not sitting and waiting for us in 2021 like some husband who is over the shopping trip and just going to go wait in the car until we are done.

No! He is with us right now! He still has good things for us right now!

My friend Janay decided to launch her podcast on November 16, 2020. (hint, hint, you should definitely check it out!)

I decided that by the end of 2020 I am going to finish the book I've been slowly (see also: at a snail's pace, slow as molasses, lollygagging-ly) working on. :)

And we aren't the only ones! People all around us are getting stuff done. Making the time count. Realizing their dreams and seeing God's best for their life.

You are no different. God is not over this year, He is not over you. Quite the opposite. I believe He is inviting you to step into something with Him, right now.

Better health

Better relationships

A better outlook on your life

A better thought life

Better engagement with God and His church

Start again. Get up again. Begin again. Not next year, not tomorrow, right now. Find out what He is inviting you to step into, or back into, and take that first step. And then tomorrow take another, and then another.

By January 1 you'll be so many steps closer, heck you may even arrive before the clock strikes midnight and be on your way to the next great thing He has for you!

Here is what I know, that I know, that I know:

God is in this season. He is with you. He'll be in every second between now and the end of the year and all the seconds of next year. He just wants you to be in them with Him. And when you are He'll lead you and guide you and inspire you and spur you on to great things with Him. It's a heck of an invitation.

I am praying that you'll accept.

I can't wait to see all the great things y'all are going to do!

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