• Sara Chapple

Day 3 - The Constant in the Chaos - A Devotional

(Day One and Day Two)

Pray - As you enter into this time today ask the Holy Spirit to help you remove distractions and be present in this time with the Lord.

Read - James 1:17

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."

Reflect - There are two big takeaways that we’ll focus on in this passage.

  1. Every good thing is from God.

  2. God does not change.

Let’s look at one more verse to add to the story:

Psalm 100:5

“The Lord is good.”

When we put all of this together we get to draw one very awesome and foundational conclusion:

When you know the Lord there is always good in your life.

Even on a day when we feel like nothing is good (which I would strongly challenge anyone on. Even on the day my dad died I experienced good gifts from God.) But even if you have a day where you feel that nothing is good - God is good. And He is constant and never changes and is with you. So, bam - there is something good. :)

But I strongly suspect there is a lot more good stuff in your life!

Get Real - Take the time and list out EVERY good thing in your life. Take as much time as you have right now and see how long of a list you can make. How specific and detailed can you get? My list goes all the way from my health to the flowers that aren’t scorched yet in my yard. :)

I’ll even get you started:

  1. God

  2. His constant presence in your life.

Pray - Thank him for your list and everything on it. Then, thank him for him. For his presence and his promises and the foundation that He is building in your life!

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