• Sara Chapple

Future Joy

I am so grateful for the joy journey I am on. I am experiencing his joy in so many amazing ways now! It was not always like this though. For so long real joy felt far away. Out of my reach.

It seemed like I could always see joy coming in the distance.

When this trip or vacation arrived - I could see myself on the trip, deeply happy, really enjoying myself. I could see her and feel her! This version of me that was carefree, joyful and having the time of her life.

But then the vacation or trip would arrive and I wouldn’t be her. I’d still be me and the joy just wasn’t there. I had moments of fun. I enjoyed things but it wasn’t to the fullness I felt like it could be. Like it should be. That happened so many times.

Finally, one time leading up to a trip like this I sensed God telling me that my thinking was backwards. I had always imagined joy would be waiting for me at one of these future events. I’d show up and pick it up at the front desk of the hotel and then have it with me. Like a vacation outfit I’d change into and then “TA-DA! Here I am, full of joy!”

I felt like God was telling me no, it’s not something waiting for you somewhere! You bring joy with you to that vacation. It’s inside of you now! You don’t have to wait for a vacation to experience it. You get all of it now on this random Wednesday while you go to work, do the laundry or cook dinner!

I remember that moment like it was yesterday. Something just clicked and made sense. That was early on in this journey to joy with him. Years later I am so grateful to say I really do understand that now. I could cry thinking about it - which I know is odd when I am talking about joy. (but I always cry anytime something moves me so it’s ok 😭)

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently because we have a vacation coming up. We are taking the kids to the beach for a few days and to say I am excited would be a huge understatement. I am beyond excited. For so many reasons. But the main reason? It’s because I know I am going to experience joy on this vacation. Not because it’s waiting for me in a beach chair somewhere. But because it is here with me right now. And I am bringing it with me.

It will be with me as I pack and get ready. I will have the choice to experience it in the car on the way (I say I’ll have the choice because it’s a long car ride. With 3 teenagers. But I will choose joy darn it! Also they are pretty awesome teenagers so it shouldn’t be too hard. 😊)

And it will be with me each morning as I wake up and experience whatever the day brings. You might say I’m overjoyed at the idea of it all. So you can tell the beach I’m coming! I’m coming and joy’s coming with me! (random movie reference thrown in there for some of you 😉)

Joy is here now. Available to you and me. If it feels far away will you stop for a moment, close your eyes, take a breath and simply ask God why? Ask him to show you why it feels so far away. He is so faithful I know he will show you. ❤️

He's inviting you on this journey with him. A journey to joy. Will you go?

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