• Sara Chapple

If You Build It...

This morning I read Genesis chapter 6. It’s a story lots of people are familiar with: the story of Noah, the ark and the flood.

Noah was tasked with doing a very difficult thing, building that huge ark! I can’t even imagine.

He was also put in charge of saving all the animals. That always seemed even more difficult to me. How in the world?? He had to get a male and female of every species and round them up and then get them on the ark!? I can’t even get my dog to fetch.

Today, I noticed something I hadn’t before. Genesis 6:20

“Two of every kind of bird, of every kind of animal and of every kind of creature that moves along the ground will come to you to be kept alive.”

“...will come to you...”

Again in chapter 7 it says the “animals came to Noah and entered the ark”.

He didn’t have to search high and low. He didn’t have to figure out creative traps and sneaky lures. They came to him.

That’s amazing!

To me, the most impossible part of what he had to do and God took care of it for him. God did his God thing and told all those animals to get their tails to Noah and get on that ark. And they did! God was the first and best animal trainer. 🙂

Noah was obedient. He listened to God. He built the ark. And he built it the way God asked him to. He had plenty of room for all the animals he didn’t yet know how to get on the ark. But he obeyed God. He did his part. And boy did God do his.

We are never left alone in the things we are asked to do. God is with us. Our obedience does matter. We have a part to play. But we aren’t alone and we don’t have to fear the things that seem impossible. We do what we can do and God will always do his part.

What seems impossible right now?

Have faith like Noah did. You just build your ark. Do the things you can do. God is with you.

And one day soon you’ll look outside and see those impossible little guys coming two by two into the ark God had you build.

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