• Sara Chapple

Joy in the Snow. In the Summer.

So the timing of this, I’ll admit, is a bit off seasonally speaking. 😉 but it so perfectly said what I needed to be reminded of.

I’m working on writing this book, A Journey to Joy. And it’s a process. A long process. I’ve been working hard but somewhere along the way I shifted to some serious striving (doing it in my own strength, not really walking in step with God, getting ahead of him, doing it for the wrong reasons).

My first clue I was striving? I had no joy! Duh.

The whole point of everything God has been showing me is that his joy is always available to me. Every day. In every season. I can enjoy it all. Sooo then I’m not going to enjoy writing this book about joy??? Yikes. The enemy sure doesn’t want me to. Because then it’s more likely that I’ll quit.

But that’s not going to happen. No quitting.

I will have joy and enjoy this process, this JOURNEY!

We are all in different journeys today. Some we elected to be a part of. Some we definitely did not. Either way though, we are IN them. So, how are we going to BE in them? Frustrated? Annoyed? In a hurry? Just waiting for it to end?


Will we choose another way? Press pause. Take a deep breath. Look up. Remind ourselves we are where we are for a reason. God has not left us. He is still on the throne. He is still good. My life is still in his hands. So, we can relax and enjoy this day. Enjoy this season, this process, this journey.

We’re not late. We’re not behind. We’re right where and when we need to be.

All of his joy and goodness are available to us today regardless of the season we find ourselves in. We just have to be willing to stop and see them. Let them in. It’s not all on us. We aren’t called to just grind out another day and try to make it through.

We can enjoy the journey.

We’re called to abide in him. Rest in him. EnJOY his presence.

EnJOY everything you can today! It’s all a gift from your loving Father.

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