• Sara Chapple

Show Me Your Glory. Part 2

I posted something recently about a conversation God and Moses had in the Bible in the book of Exodus. In their conversation Moses asked for God to show him His glory. Ultimately, what he was asking was to see God.

And God responded by telling Moses He would cause His goodness to pass in front of him.

All of that has been marinating in my mind recently. It has added a new perspective and richness to my prayers that I wanted to share.

The people in the New Testament that encountered Jesus (and realized it) were given an unbelievable blessing. The saw God. So many experienced His healings, His teaching, His miracles but at the same time they saw Him. They saw God. In the flesh. Just allow your mind to imagine that for a minute.

It's pretty awesome. And one day we won't just have to imagine it in our minds. We'll get to see Him for real.

Moses first "saw" God in the form of a burning bush.

When Moses crossed the Red Sea on dry land he didn't "see" God. However, I am sure, he felt he had seen God that day nonetheless.

When God's people were in trouble. They cried out to God and He saved them.

That is a theme of the Bible.

Moses and God's people were in trouble. God saved them.

Ultimately, all of God's people (including you and me) were in trouble and desperately needed a savior. And so God came, as a Savior.

And the people got to see Jesus.

How do we see God now? How do we see His goodness? His glory?

I think the main way we get to see God and His goodness now is in our circumstances and through His people.

We can see God as He moves in our marriages. As He leads us towards unity and peace. As He changes our hearts we feel His presence.

We see God as He moves in our finances, providing in ways we never thought possible. Being our provision no matter the circumstance.

We can see Him in the kindness of friends and even strangers.

To make sure we see Him there are few things we can do>

We can start with asking some tough questions, praying some high risk prayers and then watching expectantly:

"Lord, do people see your goodness in me?

Does my family see your goodness in me?

Does the grocery store clerk see your goodness in me?"

And then pray, "God, I pray that others will see you and your glory and your goodness in me. I pray that I will be open and have eyes to see opportunities for people to see God through me."

Can we get real practical for a minute. Are you sitting down?

"Lord, do they see you and your goodness and your glory in my social media accounts?"

Maybe that makes you feel like the disciples in John 6:60 "On hearing it, many of his disciples said, 'This is a hard teaching. Who can accept it?'"

That's ok, please just make the choice to move forward with God anyway. Many of those disciples ended up turning back and stopped following Jesus. Don't stop.

After the tough questions we can pray some big prayers and then look expectantly for God:

"Lord, I want to see your goodness today. Show me your glory. Show me yourself at work today. Let me see your goodness in my friendships today. Let me see you moving in my life."

The last step is to simply watch with faith, anticipation and expectation. He will absolutely show up. Do you know how I know? Because He's already there. He's already at work. He's already showing you. It might be that you just haven't really been looking or other things have distracted you from realizing. It's ok. We've all been there. I've been there. But you can choose today to look up. Look to Him.

Get ready, His glory is about to pass before you.

"Father, I pray that my friends who are struggling with their health would see you and your goodness in that area of their life this week.

Father, for my friends who are struggling in their marriages, I pray that they would see you in that relationship this week.

Not to state the obvious God, but the world is in trouble. I'm afraid that what so many don't realize is that what they need is you. We need you. I need you.

Give us opportunities this week to be your glory and goodness to someone else. Help us take our eyes off of our own stuff and put them onto you and onto your beautiful people.

Show us your glory. Show us your goodness. Give us eyes to see and ears to hear. Amen."

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