• Sara Chapple

Why Don’t Good and Food Rhyme?

They don’t. You might think they do, but they don’t. Trust me. Keep saying them in your head. You’ll get it. See? They don’t rhyme.

Honestly, that really doesn’t have anything to do with this post. But welcome to my brain. :)

Food is good. And it is a big part of our Thanksgiving Holiday but for some of us we struggle with it being THE BIGGEST part of the holiday.

For those of you who have never had any issues with food I get that this post might not make a lick (ha!) of sense to you and that’s totally ok. Yay you for having a healthy relationship with food! That’s so awesome! Keep doing what you’re doing and check back tomorrow because I won’t be talking about food. Or keep reading and see if something speaks to you that you can relate to in another area.

For those of us who have struggled, this holiday that seems to be all about food can be hard.

When I was in college and having the hardest time with an eating disorder I hated Thanksgiving with a passion.

It seemed like it was a day all about the one thing I struggled with 24/7.

Thankfully God has brought so much healing for me in this area. Thinking back to how all-consuming it was back then is crazy.

I know many of you find yourselves in various places with this topic.

I often hear the phrase, and have been guilty of saying it before, “Oh, I was so bad, I ate the ________ .” or “I was good today, I didn’t have any ________ .”

Sweet sister, can I tell you something that is absolute truth built on Jesus' name?


You are right and righteous and accepted and loved, period. And what you choose to eat or not eat has absolutely NO bearing on your “goodness”. God says you are perfect in Christ. And nothing changes that once you give your life to him. Nothing.

I’ve said this before (Joy For My Arms) and it’s worth repeating:

“God never talks about our body size or weight in the Bible. Never. Not once. I checked.

He does not ever set any kind of standard for our physical appearance. He very much cares about everything on the inside though. If we have an unhealthy relationship with food he actually does care. He cares about our health and our bodies, but he never tells us we need to aspire to a particular size or shape.

He definitely wants us to be healthy. But he knew “healthy” would look very different on everyone! So he didn’t get anywhere near dealing with the physical. He addresses our hearts. He asks us not to overeat. Not to overindulge. He recommends we don’t drink too much alcohol. He doesn’t want our bellies or taste buds to be gods to us. We should exercise self-control. He covers all of that. But those are all heart issues, not weight issues.”

So as we head into Thanksgiving, how is your heart? I used to obsess about what my “plan” was going to be. What I would eat or not eat. The goal was to be “good”. And to be successful at the end of the day. Basically for me it meant to eat as little as possible without drawing too much attention to myself.

All I thought about was the food. I literally didn’t think about any other part of that day. My heart back then was wrapped up in the food. My heart was in bondage.

How is it for you?

Our post from yesterday helps us get our hearts in the right place. Thanksgiving day is all about people.

Food is not bad. It’s good! It fuels us. It’s a part of our celebrations. And that is all good!

Will you do me a favor?

Picture Thanksgiving Day. Picture a home full of friends and family. Really see their faces. The kitchen is full of people and all the Thanksgiving dishes. Last minute preparations are wrapping up. The turkey is done and all the trimmings are spread all around. Potatoes, rolls, green beans, sweet treats. The tables are all set. The TV is on and the Cowboys are winning. ;) Can you see it?

Now take away all the people. It’s a room with food and a TV.

Now bring the people back. And take away all the food.

A room filled with family and friends but no food is still a celebration! That is what Thanksgiving is all about. Not a room full of food and no life. Of course, all three is the trifecta: great people, good food and a Cowboys’ win. :)

It is possible to enjoy this holiday even if we struggle in the area of food. We just have to remember what the more important things are.

Please remember that nothing you eat or don't eat this week has an impact on who you are. You are amazing and loved no matter what!

It's ok to have a "plan" to be healthy. There is nothing wrong with choosing to make healthy choices because you want to feel a certain way. In recent years, dairy has started making me feel no bueno. So I don't eat it much. I don't plan on having any on Thursday simply because I don't want to feel like crap. Please excuse my French. ;)

Remember, it's about our heart. If this is an area of struggle for you have you spoken to God about it? Have you invited him into the conversation? I promise there is wisdom for you in his Word. He cares about all of you, even this.

As I sit here now I am praying for you. I am praying for those of you who struggle in this area. I get it all too well. I know how hard it can be. I also know that God longs to walk with you. I know how much he cares. And I know how much he wants to guide you into complete freedom!

There is no pressure. No expectation to do "good". You ARE good! You be awesome you. Enjoy this week. Enjoy your family and friends. Enjoy time with them. Enjoy the food. Ask God to help you with the balance and your focus as you need it.

Let this week be about him and the wonderful people he brings into your life! <3

Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved. Psalm 55:22

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